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Eva Sedjo is a Chicago based artist whose multimedia work is influenced by the interpersonal relationships human beings create within their environments. Sedjo receives inspiration from the narratives of those undergoing changes in their lives. In 2016 Sedjo earned her Bachelors of Art degree from Bethel University, MN. Post-graduation, Sedjo gained experience in the mental health field as well as in international art and English education. Her recent art exhibits include two bodies of work responding to her last six months in Thailand called Normal Nuances and Bālāsana. Sedjo is currently continuing her education by pursuing a master’s degree in Art Therapy Counseling from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.


MA in Art Therapy Counseling - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, 2021

BA in Studio Art - Bethel University, St. Paul, 2016

Related Experience

Art and English Volunteer - Little Candles, Phrao, Thailand, 2016 & 2018

Director of Neighborhood Art and Nature Camp - West Chicago, IL, 2017

Education Intern - Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, MN

Exhibition Installation Assistant - Jean Shin, Links, Olson Gallery, Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN, 2015

Drawing and Printmaking Teaching Assistant - Professor Jeffery Wetzig, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, 2013-2016


9th Anniversary Show - Dempsey Family Gallery, Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL, 2018

Thai Tea Culture & Art Exhibit Presentation - Cafe K'Tizo, Wheaton, IL, 2018

Frogtown Art in the Garden Tour - St. Paul, MN, 2016

Equality Poster Show - Open IDEO Twin Cities Chapter, Minneapolis, MN, 2016

Blueprints - Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center, Chicago, IL, 2016

Out of Context - Thorp Building, Minneapolis, MN, 2016

Raspberry Monday - Johnson Gallery, Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN, 2016; Juror: Jehra Patrick (Waiting Room, Minneapolis, MN)

Out of Context: Senior Seminar Thesis Exhibition - Johnson Gallery, Bethel University, MN, 2016

Homecoming Banner Competition - Heritage Hall, Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN, 2014-2016

SFTS Exhibition - Bethel University Seminary, Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN, September 2015


Jhilimili Fundraiser - Jhilimili, West Chicago, IL, 2017

UCB 25th Anniversary Celebration Historic Art Collection - Leah Fulton, Associate Dean of Intercultural Student Programs & Services,  Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, 2015

Black History Month Celebration Banner - Zakiya Robinson-Murray, Director of United Cultures of Bethel, St. Paul, MN, March 2015


Coeval Literary and Art Magazine - Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN, 2016


Performance Award Scholarship - Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN, 2012-2014